WW1 Discovery brings together a mixed team of staff with experience and expertise in archives, metadata, data standards, web and application development and project management.  We’re all based at Mimas at the University of Manchester – here’s more about the people involved:

Adrian Stevenson, WW1 Project ManagerAdrian Stevenson – Project Manager and Technical Coordinator.
Adrian is a Senior Technical Innovations Coordinator for Mimas Library and Archival Services.  Adrian was a project manager and researcher at UKOLN, where he managed the LOCAH Linked Data project ( LOCAH was a JISC funded project to make the Archives Hub and Copac national data services available as structured Linked Data, for the benefit of education and research. He is heavily involved in the follow-up Mimas Linking Lives project.  Adrian also managed the highly successful SWORD project and managed the JISC Information Environment Technical Review project. He has extensive experience of the implementation of interoperability standards, and has a long-standing interest in Linked Data. Twitter: @adrianstevenson

Lee Baylis  – API development and Technical Documentation
Lee is one of Mimas’s new Web Applications Developers who focuses on dynamic data-driven content. He has experience of Agile development in Ruby-on-Rails, Web 2.0 Javascript, Flex / AIR and Perl. His most recent project involved working on the Greenhouse-gas Regional Inventory Protocol (GRIP) scenario tool for Carbon Captured Ltd at the University of Manchester, which is an emissions data visualisation and equation calculation utility written in Flex for the AIR deployment runtime. Twitter: @drleebaylis

Joy Palmer, PhD – Project director, with special attention to managing communications and risks.
Joy is Senior Manager for Library and Archival Services at Mimas and is responsible for working with JISC and other stakeholders to establish the strategic development of services such as Copac and the Archives Hub.  She is also the project manager for the JISC Resource Discovery Taskforce Vision Management Framework (Discovery).  Joy has a nuanced understanding of the challenges and opportunities for resource discovery across libraries, museums and archives at the national level, and speaks and publishes regularly on issues such as understanding impact, market research, and the role of social media in research and teaching. Twitter: @joypalmer




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